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4 reasons why antifreeze levels can rise dramatically

Most drivers are worried that the coolant level in the expansion tank does not fall below the minimum mark, as this will lead to overheating of the engine. But sometimes it also happens that the volume of antifreeze suddenly increases and almost completely fills the tank. What kind of breakdowns in the car can lead to such problems and what to do with old license plates ontario?

One of the most common causes of a sudden rise in coolant level is associated with an air lock in the system. This can happen not only due to non-tightness of the pipes, but also if the antifreeze is incorrectly added to the empty expansion tank.

Damaged cylinder head gasket
A bigger problem can be damage to the cylinder head gasket, which will allow exhaust gases to enter the cooling system. Gases seeping into the cooling channels increase the volume of the liquid, and the level of antifreeze in the tank increases significantly.

Overheating of the motor
One should not exclude such a banal reason for an increase in the level of coolant in the tank as engine overheating. This can happen for many reasons, but most often a clogged radiator is to blame for everything, which can no longer fully dissipate heat. Also, quite often, overheating of the motor occurs when the cooling fans break down.

Pump malfunction
A sharp increase in the level of antifreeze in the expansion tank may indicate a pump breakdown. In the cooling system, the circulation of liquid stops, which leads not only to overheating of the motor, but also to an increase in the volume of antifreeze due to its boiling.

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