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5 simple life hacks from experienced drivers

Correct operation of the car and scrap cars for cash will allow avoiding various kinds of problems and breakdowns, significantly reducing the costs of car owners. Experienced car enthusiasts have numerous secrets and tricks that are available to every driver, making it possible to significantly simplify the operation of the car, preventing any problems with the car. Let’s talk about five of these tricks that will invariably come in handy for every car owner.

How to check the quality of engine oil
It is well known that the absence of critical engine breakdowns will directly depend on the quality of engine oil. That is why it is extremely important to monitor the condition of the engine oil by regularly checking it. Such a check of the quality of the oil in the engine is not particularly difficult, it is necessary to start the engine, wait about 10 minutes, then take out the dipstick and drip a few drops of oil from it onto a white clean sheet. In a warm place, the oil will dry quickly, and by the shape and color of the stains, it will be possible to draw a conclusion about the quality of the engine oil.

If there are even, smooth spots on the white paper, then this oil does not contain water and is of good quality. The presence of darkening in the central part of the spot indicates significant contamination of the engine oil, which must be changed as soon as possible. If the stain on white paper is brown or gray, then this oil contains various insoluble substances. It is best to change such an oil without even waiting for the mileage recommended by the automaker. Also pay attention to the absence of small metal shavings on the paper, which may indicate significant engine wear.

Using nail polish
Using nail polish, you can hide small scratches that have appeared on the car body. All that needs to be done is to wash the damaged area, degrease and apply varnish in several layers, waiting about half an hour between each application. Of course, it will be impossible to completely eliminate the damage in this way, but at the same time you will prevent the appearance of rust, saving yourself the need to contact the service and carry out body repairs.

Also, with the help of nail polish, they perform the simplest repair of the windshield. Cracks and chips appear on the surface of the windshield from hitting pebbles at high speed. If you do not take any action, soon such cracks begin to increase in size, and the windshield has to be changed. Experienced car owners perform basic repairs using clear nail polish to stop cracks in their windshield from growing. All that needs to be done is to apply three coats of such a transparent varnish to such damage with short interruptions.

Preventing freezing of doors
In winter, doors often freeze, this is due to the fact that between the doors, water gets on the rubberized gaskets, which freezes, after which it becomes problematic to open the doors. For prevention purposes, lubricate the rubber bands on the doors with engine oil, which excludes the accumulation of moisture on the rubberized gaskets.

Drive properly in the rain
In the rain, the greatest danger to the car is represented by deep puddles, which often accumulate in lowlands and in pits. It is best to overcome these puddles at the lowest speed possible to avoid any serious damage to the vehicle. Otherwise, you risk not only damaging the ignition system, the engine may water hammer and the generator fail, after which the car requires an expensive overhaul. After such a journey through a puddle, it is imperative to dry the brake pads, for which the brake pedal is pressed several times.

Use old tires correctly
Experienced garage drivers often place spare tires and old worn tires near the far wall, which allows them to be used as a fulcrum for the front or rear wheels, avoiding damage to the bumper if parking is inaccurate. Remember that just throwing old tires in a landfill is prohibited, in which case you can be fined by environmental services.

Let’s sum up
The simplest tips from this article will somewhat simplify the operation of the car, eliminating freezing of doors, critical engine breakdowns and eliminating the need to replace a damaged windshield. Also remember about the need for proper driving in puddles, which will prevent failure of the ignition system, generator or engine water hammer.

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