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Advantages and disadvantages of metal and plastic crankcase protection

Engine crankcase is one of the most unprotected and weakest places of the engine, any blow from a stone lying on the road, or a careless run on the curb can lead to engine damage and the need to subsequently perform its costly repairs. Many car owners, in order to prevent such engine damage, install special protection, choosing only metal accessories. Let’s talk in detail about what may be the disadvantages of such a metal crankcase protection and scrap car removal etobicoke.

What is made of the crankcase protection
Such a crankcase protection can be made of aluminum and steel. In the latter case, such accessories turn out to be heavyweight, so the most popular today are lightweight and durable options made of aluminum. It is believed that this metal is resistant to rust, which allows prolonging its life.

However, aluminum pallet protection has certain drawbacks, including its mediocre durability, so if you hit a curb or stone, such a panel will deform or crack. In fact, these protective accessories are disposable, in the future, after hitting an obstacle, they will have to be leveled or replaced.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that aluminum crankcase protection have a high cost, which is explained both by the high cost of the metal itself, and the complex technology of production of such products. Therefore, by picking up similar accessories made of steel or other materials, you can significantly reduce the cost of operating the car.

Plastic Carter Protection
In recent years, plastic crankcase protection has become popular, which is no less effective than the metal accessories. The main advantage of such passive safety elements of the car is their elasticity, which allows not to deform and not to crack even when hitting a curb or hit at high speed on various obstacles.

Such plastic protection in the case of impact simply goes down, properly directing the engine and gearbox, which should safely shift under the bottom. Whereas, if steel protection is installed in a car, in case of serious frontal damage the engine and gearbox start shifting into the interior, which negatively affects the overall safety of such a car. Therefore, many manufacturers do not even recommend using such additional underbody protection for their cars.

Plastic protection is made of special polymers, which are both resistant to rust and various reagents, while their strength is not inferior to the metal alloys. To break such an accessory is necessary to try, but the quality protection can easily withstand even serious bumps on the curb or hit a stump on the country road.

The car owner will only need to take care to choose a quality accessory, made by the manufacturer of the car, and firms whose products have proven themselves on the best side. Another advantage of this plastic protection is the ease of its installation or removal. You won’t need to go to a specialized service center, you can perform the job yourself and save money by going to service stations.

Nowadays you may find such plastic protections in different variants, and the models may be universal as well as the accessories designed for installation on different cars. Such plastic protections will prevent damage to the crankcase of the engine, eliminating the dry running of the engine and motor wedge, which forces to perform expensive and complicated repair of the power unit.

To sum up
In specialized stores you can find different types of metal or plastic crankcase protection. In the past, steel and aluminum accessories were the most popular, but today most car owners prefer plastic options. This is due to their affordable price, universal use, excellent durability and ensuring the necessary safety for both the engine and the driver and passengers in traffic accidents. It is only necessary to correctly select such accessories, which should be made by well-proven manufacturers.

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