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Choosing between antifreeze or antifreeze

Tosol is a concentrated coolant for internal combustion engines. It appeared in the 1970s for cars of the VAZ concern. Few of those who have made up their minds know scrap my vehicle brampton.

Now it is clear that tosol is also antifreeze. The difference is in the release process. It is based on the addition of additive packages of salts of inorganic acids. As opposed to tosol, imported antifreeze uses additives based on organic acid salts.

Antifreeze is a concentrated coola

nt, and is used by car owners around the world. That is why there is a huge range of brands of this liquid on the market.

Choosing antifreeze
Antifreezes differ in the composition of additives for different car models. Therefore, before buying, carefully look at the recommendations on the label, whether the product corresponds to the car brand.

Before pouring in new antifreeze, remove the used one and flush the system thoroughly. If this is not done, the old antifreeze will react with the new one, leading to corrosion. The product is poured when the engine is cold.

Antifreeze colors
Antifreeze also differs in color. Let’s understand what the color depends on.

The base of the product is poisonous, that is why the producers emphasize its toxicity by painting it a bright color. At the same time, the dyes do not affect the antifreeze characteristics. Thanks to the bright color, the leakage is harder not to notice, and that is a plus. If the color of the product has changed, it is a signal that it must be changed.

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