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There is a wide range of walkie-talkies on the market, they differ in the availability of options, different displays and location of controls. How to choose a radio that is suitable for your goals? What to do with scrap car without wheels?

The choice of a device for co

mmunication depends on the conditions of its operation
First, decide on the tasks you want to solve with the help of a walkie-talkie. Sit down and write down your main goals on paper, it will greatly simplify the process of choosing in the future. The range is large, and since you will know exactly what you need, this will allow you to not overpay for unnecessary options.

We are talking about serious buyers who need the radio for work, and not the consumers who consider this device as an expensive toy (in this case the question of functionality and appearance comes to the fore). For beginners, experts recommend buying simple walkie-talkies, with a minimum of functions, because most drivers need the device to solve two problems:

communication with the dispatcher (to get the order, to clarify the address, etc.);
communication with other drivers (for example, to call for help).
The device should have a noise-canceling function. Modern models are equipped with an automatic noise suppression system, but there are devices with manual control. Where to buy a walkie-talkie in spb? As an option, you can go to a specialized online store, it will save you time. In addition, there is a large selection on the Internet, which will also save money.

The power, the number of channels and additional features radios
Buy devices from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and uninterrupted communication that meets the stated characteristics. Among the main manufacturers are brands MEGAJET, Vector, Kenwood, etc. The choice of the number of channels depends on working conditions – cab drivers to work in a major city can use the radio, taking up to 450 channels.

The power is another important factor. If you work within the city limits, then you can choose a device with average power ratings. But truckers, who go thousands of kilometers away from the base, need to use powerful devices. Evaluate the functionality of the model.

The more options your device has, the more expensive it is. Decide for yourself if you are ready to overpay for the backlighting? It’s beautiful and convenient, at night you will clearly see the controls of the radio, but the cost of the model will be higher than the price of the same unit, but without backlighting.

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