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In Europe, they are not looking for where to dispose of the car. They already know.

And we, why are we any worse? Why not borrow the European experience, despite the distance in politics? And instead of frantically thinking, where to recycle cars, keep in mind the address and phone number of a successful recycling company with 10 years of experience https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrap-car-removal-stouffville? Thus, every Frenchman or German, let’s say, does not even think about it: the addresses are offered by the sellers themselves – car dealers. Some manufacturers (say, BMW) are automatically and self-imposed brand: every 10 years at most an old model must be scrapped, and for this you can get a discount on the purchase of a new one.

There is also no question where to dispose of the car, because for every 100-200 kilometers of distance between settlements there is a recycling point. There are over 15,000 of them in Germany alone, served by over fifty recycling companies. In Russia, the problem has not been solved so far (but it is worth thinking about distances in Russia, too!). But those who live in Moscow and the Moscow region are in luck, because there are several scrap metal recycling companies operating in this area. And since the competition between them is quite large, then how the organization to dispose of cars, it is decided in the struggle for the customer.

Responsibility of manufacturing companies

It is not only the government and competitors who collect and recycle scrap metal that should develop a culture of environmentally friendly recycling. But also the manufacturers. Returning to the same example of BMW, we note that for every car sold, the concern provides a detailed manual on how and where to dispose of the car afterwards. It is explained in details, how to pour out working fluids, remove the battery, etc.

By the way, since 2008 the government of EU has made it obligatory to produce cars with the condition that 85% of them are recyclable.

Across Europe, about 10 million tons of scrap metal goes to 400-plus scrap metal recycling facilities every year. Germany is leading in recycling, where you can dispose of your car at one of the 50 plants, and you don’t even have to go there, just call a number and call for a free tow truck. And the secret is that the disposal fee and the Germans and all their neighbors pay when you buy a new car. The concerns that produce in Europe are practically bound with each other by obligations and willingly recycle each other’s cars. For example, BMW and Citroen are practicing this, taking both brands for recycling and giving discounts when buying their own.

France is not lagging behind in this aspect, with its own recycling rule: a minimum of 7-8 metal recyclers for every 1.5 million residents (not even all of whom own cars!). If a French company or French organization “forget” to recycle cars, they face the penalty of at least 75 thousand Euro and two years of imprisonment as an administrative punishment. Now, it is clear where they are in such hurry to pass cars in Europe.

The Swiss, for example, make hunting for old cars. Not literally, of course, but the police with pleasure catches potential scrap metal to send it under the press without any doubts. Poles are more democratic in this regard – the police ask for 500 zlotys fine and explain in details, where to dispose the car afterwards. And the money is used for special purposes, it goes for environmental protection through special funds.

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