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Car suspension

Everyone knows that contact and interaction with the road surface in dry and wet weather is different. And this impact is all the more noticeable the more often the car owner forgets about such a qualitatively important indicator as the wheel camber / alignment of the vehicle. In order for the car to move straight, […]

Tire repair manual

A punctured tire is an unpleasant but perfectly natural thing. Therefore, you should regularly inspect the tires to detect the degree of wear, cuts, punctures, the presence of foreign objects. At detection of a puncture with a diameter of one centimeter or more, you should immediately contact a car service center with tire fitting services. […]

In Europe, they are not looking for where to dispose of the car. They already know.

And we, why are we any worse? Why not borrow the European experience, despite the distance in politics? And instead of frantically thinking, where to recycle cars, keep in mind the address and phone number of a successful recycling company with 10 years of experience https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrap-car-removal-stouffville? Thus, every Frenchman or German, let’s say, does not […]

How do you use metal from recycled cars?

This element was actively used by primitive people more than 5,000 years ago, and in that time mankind has greatly depleted the bowels of the planet. The extraction of iron ore in the world exceeds 700 million tons annually. Processing it also requires coal, of which about 1,500 million tons are mined, and other resources, […]