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Summer tires for the car: features of the choice of products

Performance of summer tires has a direct impact on driving performance, comfort of car control. That is why the choice of rubber cannot be based solely on its price or the loud name of the manufacturer. Summer tires should correspond to the conditions of use and type of vehicle and driving mode. If your car has been out of tires for a long time, turn it in to this company for recycling: http://scrapcar.cash/.

Varieties of summer tires to choose from

The whole range of summer tires is designed to operate in conditions when the ambient temperature rises to +5 degrees and above. The required level of tire stiffness, their resistance to thermal stress is due to the presence of metal cord in their structure. It is located throughout the inner surface of the tire, guaranteeing the stability of the geometry of the product during its operation.

The tread pattern is an individual parameter of summer tires. And according to it they are all divided into two big categories:

– symmetrical,

– asymmetric.
The tread pattern of symmetric tires visually resembles a regular “herringbone”. Due to its structure it is able to quickly and efficiently drain moisture, which makes the rubber indispensable for operation on a wet road surface.

Asymmetric summer tires have a different pattern on the left and right side. Due to this fact the tires show excellent running performance not only on wet, but also on dry pavement. An important competitive advantage of the models is also considered their high braking qualities on all types of tracks.

Producers of summer tires – who to give preference to

When the driver is not limited in the budget, he has an opportunity to buy expensive tires for the summer season, presented to the market by famous brands. In 99 % of cases the tires by “Matador”, Michelin, PIRELLI, Yokohama and other well-known producers justify all the expenses of buyers.

If financial means are limited, the driver should study the assortment of brands from a democratic segment. Particular attention should be paid to the products of emerging manufacturers, which actively promote their products on the market. Often the affordable cost of their summer tires is advantageously complemented by excellent technical indicators and attractive design. Eloquent examples are high-quality and reliable tires by JOYROAD, ROSAVA, Nizhnekamskshina, TUNGA.

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