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Tire repair manual

A punctured tire is an unpleasant but perfectly natural thing. Therefore, you should regularly inspect the tires to detect the degree of wear, cuts, punctures, the presence of foreign objects. At detection of a puncture with a diameter of one centimeter or more, you should immediately contact a car service center with tire fitting services. Here masters will conduct hot vulcanization and return the tire to working condition. If a punctured tire caused a serious accident, get cash for cars pickering.

If these damages are less significant, you can repair the tires yourself, at home. You will need a metal needle or awl. Treat the cord or harness with special glue and “mend” the puncture. Once they dry, they will withstand the pressure and the tire will last you further.

If you are a truck driver and the puncture occurred on the road, then screw a bolt, screw or screw into the puncture. The diameter of the “plug” should be slightly larger than the diameter of the puncture and also treated with a special rubber glue. Such a repair will help you get to the nearest car repair shop, where the tire will be overhauled. To repair a puncture also fits a rubber mushroom – you must carefully clean the damaged area before installing it.

The sealing layer is restored with a vulcanizing plaster of rubber. Before applying the plaster, the working surfaces should be treated and then the adhesive should be applied. Cold vulcanization is used when the camera is damaged. The damaged areas should be double dabbed with glue and a rubber patch should be applied.

If it is a side cut or “hernia”, you need to go to a tire repair shop. Here for the repair of tires will take professionals. With the necessary equipment you will fully restore the metal cord of the tire and it will last until it is completely worn out.

First of all, the tire is dismantled, the edge of the lateral cut is cut with pliers for better welding, trimmed with a drill and treated with a special compound. The side cut is scored with raw rubber, which is prepared in advance by cutting into thin strips and stretching, and welded on the vulcanizer. The place for the cord patch is marked. The side of the tire is cleaned, degreased, glued and welded by cold vulcanization. The edges are treated with sealant.

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