4 reasons why antifreeze levels can rise dramatically

Most drivers are worried that the coolant level in the expansion tank does not fall below the minimum mark, as this will lead to overheating of the engine. But sometimes it also happens that the volume of antifreeze suddenly increases and almost completely fills the tank. What kind of breakdowns in the car can lead […]

Why does the engine take oil?

Significant oil consumption is rarely a normal situation – in which case, as a rule, you are dealing with a malfunction. Do not underestimate any of them, because it can end fatally for the engine and your wallet. In a critical situation, it is possible to get cash for cars. But what does it even […]

5 simple life hacks from experienced drivers

Correct operation of the car and scrap cars for cash will allow avoiding various kinds of problems and breakdowns, significantly reducing the costs of car owners. Experienced car enthusiasts have numerous secrets and tricks that are available to every driver, making it possible to significantly simplify the operation of the car, preventing any problems with […]

Cabin filter: device, types and service life

The cabin filter is an indispensable attribute of the modern car, which became popular relatively recently. The first filtering devices for cabin air purification began to appear in the early 90’s of the last century. Such devices strongly resembled car engine cleaners, later their design was updated and there were two-layer products, which successfully blocked […]


There is a wide range of walkie-talkies on the market, they differ in the availability of options, different displays and location of controls. How to choose a radio that is suitable for your goals? What to do with scrap car without wheels? The choice of a device for co mmunication depends on the conditions of […]


In a modern car, all major systems depend on the presence of electricity: lighting, air conditioning, audio systems, alarms, navigation and others. That is why every such vehicle uses a large number of wires that must withstand various negative external factors. They are affected by the fuel and the oils us ed. The wires also […]

Choosing between antifreeze or antifreeze

Tosol is a concentrated coolant for internal combustion engines. It appeared in the 1970s for cars of the VAZ concern. Few of those who have made up their minds know scrap my vehicle brampton. Now it is clear that tosol is also antifreeze. The difference is in the release process. It is based on the […]

All you need to know about injector flushing

The operation of a car engine with time leads to the fact that on the inner surfaces of the fuel system elements contamination is accumulated. Injector nozzles, fuel lines and valves and pressure regulators are the most exposed to such negative influence. In this case it is worth to apply to the employees of car […]